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It pays (literally) to be an affiliate for The Firm Butt Workout. We have a professional internet marketing company (with proven success in information marketing) doing our copywriting, split testing, design and what not to ensure the conversion rates are very high. They test everything - the headline, the design, the offer, the guarantee.


We use modern and innovative design whereas most of the fitness products out there use more or less the same type of salesletter template. We don't use cheesy and aged sales copy. This website gets visitors' attention, gets them curious and makes them read the content. That in turn results in more sales (and more $$$ for you).


The Firm Butt Workout is a high quality product. We don't do low quality pdf e-books. Customers get access to an e-learning environment where they can study individual exercises or full workouts. Majority of the content is delivered in online streaming video, details offered in text and print-outs.


When you sign up we will also provide you with tools such as pre-written e-mail templates to promote The Firm Butt Workout. This way you work less and earn more.

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